Monday, 6 August 2012

Meet the kitty

top: H&M
jeans: Zara (kids)
jacket: H&M
shoes: Primark
bag: Primark
watch: Red Herring
Rings: H&M and Primark

I've not long got back from a meal at Cosmo. One word: Wow. I'm so stuffed it's unreal. Going in jeans was a bad idea, I'd have been better in a very loose dress. Also meet my new kitty, Frankie. I had two black and white cats that were sisters. Sadly a few weeks, Ruby got ran over, so since Pearl was the motherly sister we thought we'd get her a new friend. She hasn't taken it greatly having a little male kitten running round as if he's on Catnip. Hopefully once he's out of his naughty kitten stage they'll be friends.

Mint and burgundy is my current favourite colour combination. A bit of Summer and a bit of Autumn all in one outfit. The burgundy jacket is one that H&M have re-released for the new season. I'm so glad they did as I spent the last few months debating whether to get it or not until they had all gone.

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  1. Haha, I know what you mean about eating out wearing some good fitting jeans - it's such an awful feeling after the meal! xD
    But hey, you look hot in this outfit. I love the cool jacket - it's the perfect touch!

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  2. Lovely outfit! I love the jacket :)
    - Rhiannon