Sunday, 21 April 2013

Week #16

Monday morning | 3 for 2 treats - reviews on the way! | New shirt
My summer love | Pop of neon | Summer selfie
BarryM Vivid Purple | Throwback to Summer 2011 | Painting my studio  
Moving in cards | Pretty living room walls | H&M treats

The weeks seem to be rolling into one lately and just flying by! My Zara lookalike shirt finally arrived from ebay. I had an email from ebay a couple of days after it was shipped to say it was removed and I was panicking it might not arrive. Alas, here it is! I also picked up some 3 for 2 bits in Boots before the offer ended. I'll definitely be reviewing these soon. I also picked up these Leopard print slippers from H&M and the sparkly sunglasses which are in the sale.

Our house is coming on nicely. All the rooms are nearly painted, I'm painting both the bathrooms tomorrow whilst my Dad lays the floor. I'll be moving in next weekend! I'll definitely be doing little room tours when we're in and unpacked so eyes peeled for those!
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  1. Love the studded shirt and the leopard print slippers. Your summer love picture is adorable btw. :)

  2. been looking for a nice satchel for ages but I don't want to pay megabucks! yours is lovely :) congrats on the new pad! xxx