Sunday, 14 April 2013

Week #15

Selfie | Profiterole treats | Pretty Primark bedding
Coach selfie | Primark treats | Mid morning bath
Green nails | Throwback Thursday! | Favourite sweets
A preview of a shoot for university | Little sister grafting | 3 hours of paint shopping

Well it finally happened this week. We finally got our house! We only got the keys Friday and already two bedrooms are painted and ready for new floor. The other bedroom and living room are heading the same way and the kitchen/diner will be a lovely 'Muddy Puddle' colour by the end of the week. 

I am so excited to move back in AND finish university. Then things can get back to normal. It's right what they say, you wait for a bus and two come at once. I've got such a busy few weeks ahead of me that as of yet blogging has to take a back seat which makes me so sad.

For now I'm tackling my essay and watching The Hobbit. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evenings!
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  1. Looks like you're having fun redecorating the house:) and you have already done a lot of work. Good job.

    Such nice photos...The Hobbit- my childhood wouldn't had been the same without. The film isn't too bad, I wasn't expecting much but it was really o.k...

  2. Ohhh look at those Primark goodies, lovely :)!x

  3. I'm really happy for you. moving into a new house is always a happy moment and finishing uni too.

    good luck and come with updates when you'll have some free time. I love hearing about redecorating new houses.

  4. Yay, I'm so glad, sounds like it's been really productive. xx