Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week #23

Nephew cuddles | #freeyourfeet outfit | Natural look perfected | Lazy Wednesday outfit | New summer read | Afternoon lunch before work | My pretty little office | Late night Game of Thrones | Sunday Funday being an entrepreneur | Favourite sandals 

This week has been very chilled out, mostly because the sun has been out so all I want to do is soak it all up! I started the week off with a visit to my sisters and my Mum caught the picture of me and Kyle. I totally love it, look at his cheeky smile! 

I also finally got round to wearing my shoes for Clarks. You can see the post here. It clouded over on Wednesday so I wore a more chilled out outfit which I only snapped for Instagram. And my white sandals in the last photo are my favourites, but they need another hole poking in the strap because they have stretched and fall off.

I've become a bit of a Game of Thrones addict this week. I decided to start reading the books over the summer whilst I'm not reading anything for university. I'm totally addicted and decided to watch the series too, but I need to calm down else I'm going to get too ahead of myself and ruin the books. Oh it's a hard life!
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  1. such a nice photo of you and your nephew, he's so cute! your hair looks lovely and silky! sounds like you've had a good week :)


  2. Lovely pictures - your shades are great! x

  3. I love a game of monopoly.


  4. Cute photos x