Thursday, 20 June 2013

Grey kimono

H&M kimono
H&M dress
River Island shoes
Primark clutch
Topshop necklace
Topshop & Primark rings
I absolutely adored dancing around my little studio corner of the garden photographing this outfit. The new kimono is definitely a new favourite of mine. It will even carry me into the autumn season because it's not a ridiculous neon colour that makes me look like I've stepped off a plane from Ibiza. Not my scene.

Anyway, I wore this on Tuesday night to a Chinese buffet with Mum's Birmingham family to celebrate her Auntie's 80th birthday. Does that make her my great Auntie? I don't know. But anyway, for an 80 year old, she looks brilliant for her age! I'd show you a picture but I haven't got one. Sorry.

I had a feeling I wanted to wear the kimono with black but wasn't sure what exactly. I never normally gravitate towards all monochrome outfits, but lately I've been really loving it. I tried on a different H&M dress, just a really casual cotton one, then settled for this one. I love the texture of this dress! I can just imagine without it, it would just be so plain.

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  1. Lovely outfit, I love the shoes!

  2. lovely outfit! absolutely in love with the kimono - its so pretty!

    bec X

  3. You're really pretty! Love the kimono and your accesoiries! xx

  4. The kimono looks so nice in this outfit! Love the black wedges!

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