Monday, 3 June 2013

Times like these

H&M boots
Ebay bag
Marc by Marc J sunglasses
H&M and Primark rings 
I actually bought this dress last summer but since it kept popping up on the AX Paris advert on the telly I decided to dig it out again. It's most definitely one of my favourites. The fit is perfect and the crochet waistband just gives it that little something extra. I did what I seem to do a lot lately and styled it with my black boots. Mum was telling me today I should be wearing sandals. Thanks for the sartorial advice Mum!

I've had such a lovely day, mostly spent running around my sisters garden chasing my niece and nephews around. I really didn't intend on being out all day but the weather was gorgeous and since my eldest sister lives over an hour away I really cherish her visits. And I'd never pass up an opportunity to see my other little nephews, they are all just so gorgeous and I could gush about them all day!

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  1. ahh beautiful dress.. love the bag also xx

  2. Your dress is gorgeous, and the bag is such a bargain! It looks so much better in your photos than on the stock photo too. It sounds like you've had a wonderful day :) no better time spent than time spent with family! xx