Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cast their eyes right to the ground

Topshop shirt*
H&M gilet
I know what your thinking. I can hear you screaming it at the screen: "Fur in June?!". In my defense it was really cloudy all day and then when I stepped outside the sun popped out. I opted for the gilet because it's just a nice change from wearing my leather jacket or denim jacket. And I forgot I owned it until I was moving my coat stand around the house the other day.

I was given this shirt as a gift for my birthday and it's just so pretty! The only gripe I have is the crepe'y material. It's one of those ones that crease even by looking at it. Slight exaggeration there but you know me, I'm picky about my materials and always moaning about them.

I'm off to Birmingham tonight for my Auntie's 80th. We're heading to a Chinese buffet and I cannot wait. Partly for the food but mostly to spend time with my family. I'm not sure what to wear but I'm so desperate to wear my new kimono!

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