Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Trying to do it right

H&M dress
Primark shoes
Primark bag
Primark necklace
H&M sunglasses
It's been a lazy day spent sunbathing for me. I did pop out first thing this morning to run some errands and go food shopping. I also trekked across Telford looking for the Game of Thrones book, to then come home and order it from online. Typical! I decided I want to read the books before I watch the show and it'll give me something to do between now and September before the only books I read are in preparation for my dissertation. 

How perfect are these sunglasses?! My sister liked to remind me that she can't take me seriously in round glasses but personally, the wackier the better! Leigh has a great pair of white round ones from Primark, I'm tempted to pick up a pair for myself. Now since my sunglasses have silver embellishments I naturally have to keep all my other accessories the same colour so out came my silver necklace and even my shoes have silver studs. Good job I prefer silver with burgundy eh!

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  1. You look fab! I love your outfit and your blog:)

  2. You are definitely doing it right with this entire outfit! I just love the lace dress and your awesome statement necklace

    Trendy Teal

  3. Love the outfit that necklace goes great with the colour of the dress!


  4. I think this outfit really suits you! That bag's amazing, by the way, I think I need to go to Primark again very soon. Lovely outfit post, dear, love it! xo

  5. That dress is absolutely gorgeous and the colour really suits you :-). Doesn't matter what your sister says, I think you look hot in the round sunglasses! Wish I could pull them off! xxx

  6. thankyou so much for the really really nice comment on my blog! i love your necklace :) x


  7. Great outfit! That colour suits you so nicely!

    By the way, i'd love it if you entered my Sephora & Zoya Giveaway!


    Xo, Michelle