Friday, 7 June 2013

Pewter dragon

Urban Outfitter skirt
H&M top
H&M soft bra
Primark sunglasses
Topshop bracelet
Red Herring watch
Mac Morange lips
When the lovely people over at Clarks asked me if I wanted to style up a pair of their Studio Beats sandals as part of their #freeyourfeet campaign I took a quick glance at them on the website and immediately agreed. Admittedly, Clarks isn't somewhere I would normally pop into on a shopping trip, there are too many memories of trying and buying new school shoes in there at the end of every summer. But the colour and the detail on the T-bar is something I just couldn't resist.

When they arrived I decided the pewter-gold colour made them look very Greek Goddess, and so, I started dreaming up the perfect outfit for when the sun finally decided to shine, which thankfully this week it did. I decided after I took these pictures the outfit reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2. Running around Abu Dhabi in the sunshine - I wish! I even felt that pretty I wanted to go out for dinner with Daniel, you know your on to a winning outfit when you feel like that.

Something I have come to terms with when buying new shoes is that because my feet are so wide, I have to go through that horrible wearing-them-round-the-house-in-thick-socks-to-break-them-in period. That was not necessary here, I wore them on a hot morning to dash around running errands and doing the weekly food shop and my feet didn't scream at me once. Result! 

I'd definitely recommend Clarks after wearing these, their shoes are so well made from real leather and extremely comfortable. They even accommodate for half sized lot of you and also produce standard and wide fit, which I didn't realise until I looked on the website!

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  1. green is the colour they this green maxi and the top is gorgeous!

  2. wow the top is like the cutest ever! Summer feelingzzzzzz! :)
    Great outfit ;)

  3. This outfit is gorgeous - I love the tassels over the green skirt xx

  4. Beautiful outfit, really like your skirt!