Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Paper bags

H&M shorts
Topshop Neppy tee
H&M blazer (similar here)
Primark sunglasses
Just a quick outfit I threw together to go food shopping and get my hair cut. I'm not too sure what's going on with my hair at the moment. I'm trying to step away from heat a little so only straighten the ends inwards, in a bid to stop them flicking out on my shoulders. I asked my hairdresser Shelley to just trim the ends but a lot more choppy so it's not so straight along the bottom. She did good!

These are the boots that arrived then broke the same day. After an email battle to try and get my money back the seller stopped replying and so I just got the stud repaired. Now they feel as good as new. I'm so weird when it comes to broken things, as soon as something becomes broken or damaged I immediately disassociate myself from it. Dan split red candle wax on our six week old carpet and try as I might to get it out I knew I wouldn't be happy until it was gone. So now I have new boots and a new carpet on the damaged step and so I am a happy Lindsey.

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  1. Those shorts are perfect and match your lips!
    Its funny how to try to distance yourself with broken be fair I'd be the same. Not at rest till its fixed or replaced

  2. Love those shorts :) xx

  3. Ohh when I go food shopping, I don't look this pretty ;D The socks you have look cute, I need to find some :) where did you get them?

  4. Very nice bag ;)
    Great look!

  5. Love the boots, definitely good as new. I'd be so annoyed if a seller did that to me. I can't deal with eBay!