Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Later's better than never

Topshop boots
H&M necklace
Primark rings
Let's just start by pointing and laughing at how short and stumpy my legs are! Yay for genes! I'm totally in love with this dress, so much so that I wore it two days in a row. Luckily the first day I didn't leave the house so technically it didn't count, or so I'm telling myself.

I paired it with a few gold accessories since I think grey and silver are far too similar (I have some weird jewellery habits). And also my new shopper bag came in handy to fill with whatever I can find. There's two more handbags in H&M which have caught my eye, but do I really need three black handbags? 
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Things I'm Loving #1

Updating my home is something I'm constantly doing. I know some people keep asking me when I'm going to do a little house tour but I don't think I'm quite there yet. I know it will take time and I can't just blow hundreds of pounds in Ikea all at once so I buy some new bits every so often. The chevron cushions are from Matalan and the striped one is from Primark.
I really love having flowers around the house. When I do the weekly food shop I pick up one of the cheap bouquets from Aldi. Some weeks have good picks, other weeks, not so good. I've had roses, peonies, carnations and this week I picked up whatever these are? They last a surprisingly long time as well and they normally end up by my bedside, in the kitchen window or on my desk. 
It's taken me so long to get into Game of Thrones. I watched an episode in LA last summer and was so into it, but with my old laptop I could never get it to buffer to watch. When I bought the book I thought I'd watch a few episodes to get to grips with who everyone was. Now I'm hooked on the books and TV series. I know what I'll be reading on holiday.
Me and grey are having a bit of a love affair at the moment. It gets to this time of year and even though it's lovely outside I just get so excited about the autumn trends. I think working at H&M doesn't exactly help. We had our meeting last night for the start of the new season and I'm looking forward to whats in store this season.
My little Boo is my favourite when he's like this. Ten minutes before I took this he was bounding around my bed, under the pillows and pulling the stuffing out of his toy mouse. Whatever is in his meat I want some because he has a crazy amount of energy.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

What I bought: July

H&M grey jumper (not online)
H&M apricot blazer (other colours)
H&M skater skirt (not online)
Primark floral crown (not online)
The Body Shop Pore minimiser & Moisturiser

I've been buying a lot of H&M lately, mostly their basics. They're starting to up their game and I quite like the new stuff they've had coming in. I purchased my first item for the home from them (it was only to make up my order because it was below £6). The silver matches my table lamp perfect which is a bonus. I've also bought a few treats from The Body Shop, I only went in for the Pore Minimiser because I heard it was quite similar to the Benefit Porefessional and wanted to give it a whirl. Look out for a review on that!

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Week #30

Floral crown loving | Raining | Our beautiful Royal family | Grey things | Sleeping puss cat | New soft box to play with.

It's been a pretty quiet week on Instagram. I've been doing so much overtime at work since it's now officially the summer holidays. Work hard, play harder I say and since I want an iMac and a new camera I guess it will all pay off in the end.

Little Boulle has settled in just fine with me and Dan. The photo above is one of his rare occasions where he's actually calm for me. Dan says I'm the bad influence and he has a calming effect on him. I haven't let him outside yet and I'm quite reluctant to. He's like my little baby and I don't want his fluffy white fur to get dirty. How sad!

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Never in your wildest dreams

H&M skirt
H&M top
Primark coat
Primark rings
Such a late night post, and I'm absolutely shattered! I've spent the last 2 hours searching for a specific part of my HTML code that was disabling all the links on this page. Hopefully it's fixed now! Let me know if it's not. I've also been tweaking my image sizes but can't seem to figure out how to keep my signiture small. All this HTML and CSS fries my brain!

Anyway, this skirt went into the sale online a few weeks back, but it's not on there anymore, but I know they only went into sale in store last week. I've been wary of skater skirts since they became quite the thing this year. It gets so tiring seeing a skater skirt paired with a crop top every weekend in work, but I couldn't resist this one, it's super flattering! I guess some of those girls can be forgiven for always having their midriffs out. 

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Food Diary #4

Meal 1
This was more of a brunch than a breakfast. I had such a busy day cleaning I honestly forgot to eat. I had the last of the chocolate chip brioche with chocolate spread, a chopped banana and fromage frais youghurt washed down with a glass of apple juice.
Meal 2
After spending over an hour cleaning my bathroom I grabbed a bowl of my favourite crisps to munch on. These are available from Aldi and are on parr (in my eyes) with Kettle Chips.
Meal 3
For lunch I had tomato and creme fraiche soup with a white bread roll. I didn't really like the soup. Won't be buying that again.
Meal 4
At about ten o'clock, after I'd finished all the ironing I decided to cook lasagne. I couldn't finish this whole meal, I definitely underestimated the size of these little pyrex dishes. I made two and put one in the fridge for Daniel to have the next day.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Gosh Mandarina Lipstick

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in 152 Mandarina: £6.49

Peachy orange lipsticks are a shade that I didn't have in my collection until I picked this one up in Superdrug. I'm not familiar at all with the Gosh brand and this is the first of their products I've tried. The packaging is very slick which for me is always a winner too. I was browsing the Superdrug website and this isn't actually available on there, but you can definitely get it at the Gosh counter at your local Superdrug.

Mandarina is a nude peach that is opaque in a few swipes. The formula is so lovely and very pigmented. It's the perfect level of creamy and very hydrating. I've been reaching for this so much recently in the heat, partly because it's perfect for my 'barely there' make up look and because even as it fades after about 3-4 hours it leaves a lovely peachy tint on the lips.
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Monday, 22 July 2013

Goodbye my lover

H&M dress
H&M sandels
Primark floral crown
It saddens me to say this will be the last time this dress is featured on my blog. Sob. I got bolagnase sauce on it last week and thought all was well when I immediately whipped it off and attacked it with Vanish. I didn't wash it until this morning though, but who knew Vanish would burn a hole in your clothes?! Let that be a lesson to you all! I'm going to keep an eye out on ebay though because it's one of my favourite dresses. I might even resort to ringing H&M's to find out if they have any in stock anywhere even though it's in the sale.

Less of my bad day, who loves my floral crown? If you do, I suggest you get down to Primark and snap one up pretty quick! For £3 they are the perfect dupe for the gorgeous Crown and Glory ones. I paireed it with this dress (still sobbing) just because I love that mix of girly and tough.

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Week #29

Sharing strawberry milkshake | Trying on dresses | Lunch in the park | Playing under the duvet | Dinner in Ironbridge | Spending time in the garden | Winding down | Grey and shapeless - just how I like them | Gossip Girl from the beginning | Peonies by my bedside

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Food Diary #3

Meal 1
Best of both toast topped with cheese and beans. Washed down with a glass of O.J. Very filling!

Meal 2
A small bowl of pretzels. I've been loving these since Aldi did a little range of American treats the other week.

Meal 3
Yes, I'm the girl who likes plain pasta. I occasionally get a craving for just a bowl of plain pasta, I added a bit of salad too though because of the heat.
Meal 4
I'm having pie again! This time it's meat and potato and I had my much loved homemade mash.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Remember only God can judge ya

Primark crop tee
Primark headband
I'm so tired today! I left the house for work at 9 this morning planning on being back by about 3 after visiting my nephews, and at about 6 o'clock tonight I strolled through the draw (it was more like dragged though the door with heavy bags of food shopping weighing down each arm). I'm soldiering on though and I apologise for my 'tired eyes' in the above photos.

I've been feeling headbands a lot lately since I bought a floral crown from Primark last week. This little black bow one has been in my collection for years and I only rediscovered it today. I've really been wanting a pair of cat ears to prowl around in too but I haven't found any I've fallen in love with yet.

This skirt I picked up a while a go with a £50 ASOS voucher that I won. It's so comfy and airy and paired with my crop tee made the perfect monochrome outfit. I debated my yellow neon satchel or my new H&M shopper bag and settled for the latter since it's bigger and manages to hold everything.
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