Thursday, 25 July 2013

Food Diary #4

Meal 1
This was more of a brunch than a breakfast. I had such a busy day cleaning I honestly forgot to eat. I had the last of the chocolate chip brioche with chocolate spread, a chopped banana and fromage frais youghurt washed down with a glass of apple juice.
Meal 2
After spending over an hour cleaning my bathroom I grabbed a bowl of my favourite crisps to munch on. These are available from Aldi and are on parr (in my eyes) with Kettle Chips.
Meal 3
For lunch I had tomato and creme fraiche soup with a white bread roll. I didn't really like the soup. Won't be buying that again.
Meal 4
At about ten o'clock, after I'd finished all the ironing I decided to cook lasagne. I couldn't finish this whole meal, I definitely underestimated the size of these little pyrex dishes. I made two and put one in the fridge for Daniel to have the next day.

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