Monday, 8 July 2013

I like to be in America

Primark top (circa 2009)
H&M skirt
Topshop bowler hat
River Island shoes
H&M sunglasses
Primark rings
I think this outfit is a mash up of some of the oldest things in my wardrobe. One thing I realised when I opened my wardrobe this morning was how few summer clothes I actually have, and I mean proper summer clothes, not spring ones. I guess my style has changed quite a lot since last year and a lot of it has gone on ebay but I don't want to take the same clothes I took on holiday with me last year on my holiday in August so I guess I'll have to be doing something about that!

I got to meet my little white kitty for the first time today. I had to pick between two little white brothers who looked exactly the same (if you don't believe me look at the snap on my instagram: elegantcha0s). After finally choosing one, his current owner said she'd put some red food colouring on his tail so we knew he was mine. Before we knew it he had a red splodge on his head which she tried to rub off and resulted in me now being the proud owner of a white kitty with a pink furry head. So cute! I feel so grown up in my own house with my own little kitty to care for.

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  1. Cute summer outfit x

  2. what a great summer outfit! Love how feminine this looks with the skirt but slightly edgy with that muscle tank :)have a lovely day!

    Andrea xx

  3. I really love this outfit and your cat sounds so cute xx

  4. love the rings, primark has great jewellery atm! and i remember when everyone had this top, i think i still have mine somewhere! x

  5. Wow that is such an awesome crop top! I love all of your rings :O

  6. love this outift! i have a similar shirt and been wondering what to do with it for a while! thx for the inspiration!

    ps: love your blog, new follower!