Thursday, 11 July 2013

Food Diary #2

I'm really enjoying these food diaries. I'm maybe going to post one a week, otherwise it gets a bit tedious. I mean, my eating habits are a bit tedious but at least it means one day a week I can switch it up. When it's so hot I don't really eat much and on the day I documented I was actually out for most of the day anyway. I should really remember to start carrying snacks with me.
Meal 1
My day started with a bowl of cheerios and milk with a dashing of sugar. Washed down with a glass of apple juice.
Meal 2
Mid morning snacking tends to get forgotten about when I'm on the move and lunch was grabbed quickly at Mum's. A cheese wholemeal sandwhich with cheese curls (quite a healthy choice of crisps).
Meal 3
I ended up munching on the left over prawn crackers from Mum and Dad's chinese the night before. I don't even like prawns but I love prawn crackers!
Meal 4
A late dinner for me and Daniel after busy days. I cooked one of Aldi's family pies with chips and peas. I normally opt for mash or sweet potato but our water was off due to a burst pipe so I had no water to boil them.
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  1. Really enjoying these posts! ^.^ I'm such a food snoop, haha!