Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Avon Mega Effects Mascara*

Can we start by promising not to laugh at my awful expression whilst demonstrating how this mascara is applied? When I was given this in the little box my first impression was that it was a nail polish in the box. When I pulled out a mascara I was even more confused.

Let's start by talking about the applicator. The bristles are much fuller and cover a bigger area making it quicker to apply and any clumps are easily combed through. Because the formula is more watery than other Avon mascaras it is much more buildable and I've found it lasts much longer without drying out. 
The brush handle bends making it easier to reach both top and bottom lashes. To get it out of the container you have to wiggle the handle a little and when reinserted you have to make sure you hear the click to save it from drying out. 

The Mega Effects mascara has been patented to Avon for two years, meaning nobody else will be able to release the same in that time. Whether it will take off after that or just be a gimmick who knows. I personally love it and think it does it's job really well. It takes a little getting used to and admittedly did end up with mascara all over my lids on my first use but we're best friends now and work together like a dream. The mascara will be available to buy around August time from your local Avon rep. Will you be trying this?
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  1. Such a unique concept. I like how it's very travel friendly and it's kept the curl in your lashes :)

  2. That looks so cool I will defiantly have to try for myself once its released! :) x

  3. this is such a unique idea! it looked so odd when i first saw it but now i'm really intrigued!!

    sara x


  4. Great review, I love that mascara!