Monday, 15 July 2013

Meet Boulle

Everybody meet Boulle! The new addition to our little household. I only met him last Monday when I went to pick which one I wanted (there wasn't much choice, both brothers were pure white). I picked him up on Wednesday and our household has been pretty crazy ever since.

So far I've learnt that he doesn't like the hoover or the hairdryer and he has endless amounts of energy. And I mean endless. I even googled how to make a cat sleepy last night because he was on a mad one for about 3 hours. I've also become very good at putting away shoes and bags since he weed in a Primark bag and a gift bag I got from a Company event. No harm done, just 'putting his scent down' as Mum calls it. I did catch him lying in my new handbag earlier but picked him out before any bladder accidents occurred! He's lovely though, such a cheery temperament and judging by the pictures quite a poser. 

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  1. He is gorgeous! I absolutely love your blog, I've just followed! xxx

  2. Oh he is precious! Always lovely when ya find a little chap that loves posing - cats always look so elegant and refined!
    flawedfairytale fashion blog ^.^

  3. He's so cute!
    Everybody seems to be having new pets.
    I'm jelly :(

  4. He's gorgeous!

  5. the cutest thing i've seen! i want one!!hh