Monday, 1 October 2012

Week #39

 Pink glitter nails // Monday's outfit 
 Self portrait // Autumn leaves 
 Slipper boots // Pizza - all to myself! 
 Empty wardrobes // An hour well spent in the library 
 Dad cooked me Spaghetti Bolagnase // Scrambled egg for breakfast 
 My famous glass // Joshy 
 My new bedroom // Saturdays outfit
 A copy to read and a copy to annotate for university // Chocolate cake and custard

I can only apolagise for my whereabouts, or lack of it. Moving out and not having internet is extremely inconvenient, especially as I've just started back at university aswell. I'm blogging this from Mum and Dad's, as I tried it on my phone but it wouldn't let me upload it.
 I think it's the first time all year my Week on Instagram post hasn't actually been posted on a Sunday. So expect today's post later on today!

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