Tuesday, 16 October 2012

We can see forever from up here

 top: Topshop
shorts: Primark
jacket: Primark
shoes: Primark
necklace: Primark
bag: Primark
faux fur tail: eBay

I think it's okay to wear leather shorts and leather sleeves right? This is basically just a mash up outfit I threw together the night before in order to stop me flapping in the morning. Not bad eh? It would make a decent Primark advert though, considering the majority of the outfit is from there.

I got an early Christmas present today. Mamma and Pappa bought me a printer, because since I moved out I have to pop home to use the 'facilities' as Mum calls it (as in I use their printer - not the toilet!) Not the most glamourous present but I'd rather ask for necessities, than have a bunch of stuff I don't need. So excited for Christmas!

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  1. Excellent shorts, and LOVE the bag!


  2. Oh my, I LOVE this outfit. Something I would definitely wear if I had the legs for it! xx