Thursday, 25 October 2012

Let's play dress up. #1

My Contemporary Photographic Practice project is based on the idea of escapism and fantasy within fashion photography. So with inspiration from the likes of Tim Walker and Annie Leibovitz, I took to the woods to shoot a girl I used to have dance lessons with. I'm not crazy about what I created, I think I could do much better. The quality isn't great and I definitely want to plan something a lot more elaborate next time.

I would really appreciate your comments and opinions as I need feedback for sketchbook purposes. From now on I am going to start uploading my work for my degree on to here, just so it gets showcased a little more. Everything degree related will be labeled under 'UNIVERSITY' and 'PHOTOS'.

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1 comment:

  1. I love these photo's!
    I like your idea as well!
    I think given what you're wanting the outcome to be, the first and third images work really well!
    I like the way your model is posing in the first image, it's different :)