Monday, 8 October 2012

Meet the best friend

dress: Topshop // coat: New Look boots: Primark // socks: Topshop // bag: Primark // necklace: River Island

 dress: H&M // boots: Forever21

Firstly, I'd like to apolagise for the lack of photos, it was dark and cold, and we just pulled faces in the majority of them (woops). Secondly, I apolagise for not doing my research and not knowing where half of Abi's outfit is from.

That aside ... big hello to my best friend Abi! She's the unlucky person that I've just moved in with and when we were invited out for my Mamma's birthday last week, I thought it would be a fun idea to include both of us in an outfit post. Maybe she'll be making appearances more often - I'll speak to her about that one.

We have quite similar taste, although there are some things I try which she probably thinks 'what the hell is she wearing?!' but I guess thats the fun of fashion. She made a comment just before we moved in saying she was more excited to be living with my wardrobe. Cheers Abs.

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  1. You guys both looks amazing! Cant wait to see more of both of you!