Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Vision of Ecstasy

 dress: Peacocks
cardigan: eBay
jacket: Primark
boots: H&M
bag: Turkey
rings: Primark, H&M

I tried selling this dress on eBay, but it didn't sell (thank god!) so I put it in my wardrobe. It's so simple to just throw on with some boots, and it's great because of the hemline it doesn't blow up in the wing - Bonus! Although my sister commented that it does look a bit like a potato sack.

How do we like my new backdrop? There isn't enough space to position my tripod and myself in my bedroom so I opted for the brick wall out the front. It was slightly daunting posing on my drive as people were walking past, but how much better do the photos looks with natural light?! Hope you like them.

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  1. Love your blocky looking ring. Really nice :) x

  2. cute cardigan,
    the new backdrop works well :)


  3. I love your rings! especially the one on the right.
    Your outfits are always so lovely and wearable - i always find it annoying when you see bloggers in outfits you know they would never actually wear out.
    Hope your well!