Monday, 24 September 2012

Feels like Groundhog day.

dress: H&M
stole: H&M
jacket: eBay
boots: H&M
bag: Primark
ring: Matalan

Today was my first day back at university today. I'm so excited for my second year since the first project brief I received today pretty much allows me to photograph in my chosen area, which suits me just fine! The project title is 'Freedom and Control' which I was going to brain storm ideas when I got home but ended up going to the new house to clean the washing machine and then went out for a bite to eat with the girls.

I pulled this outfit together last night because I wanted to wear my new boots, new dress, and new fur stole. WOW! Didn't realise what I'd actually bought lately! I did buy the dress in London the other week as a bit of a panic buy for another night at Chinawhite but didn't end up wearing it. So glad I picked boots, and a dress, considering the weather. I can't be dealing with soaking wet socks and denim all day.

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