Thursday, 20 September 2012

Happy Instagram birthday to me!

I can't believe it has been a year today since I started using Instagram. I remember sitting in one of my first lectures and being bored stiff, so I started flicking through app store and the rest is history. It has definitely changed the way I see photography, especially studying it for my degree. My Instagram account has become like my own little diary I get to share with the world. Here are some of my followers favourite snaps. If you don't already follow me on Instagram you can find me @lindseyyylou
I always plan a few outfits the night before and decide depending on my mood in the morning. This is my favourite way to plan, so I can see colours and texture. I love texture.
Just your average 'outfit of the day' 'what I wore today' kind of photo. I'm forever taking them in my sisters room because there is not enough room in front of my mirror.
My kitty Frankie. When my little kitty Ruby got ran over, we decided her sister Pearl needed a new companion, so along came this little bugger.
I don't wear this ring that often, just because it's so big, and catches on absolutely everything. But how pretty is it? What girl can resist a pretty bird!
Our bus broke down in LA so we were walking to the bus stop a few blocks back and saw this chap in a car park. He's such a lovely fella, considering what people might think.
Topshop's trademark frilly socks. These take me back to when I was 5 at school. I intend on building a big collection just because they look adorable with little flats.
I told myself after wearing this skirt I would stop wearing skirts this short when I turn twenty. But for now it looks absolutely adorable!
I'm forever changing my hair. I had my fringe cut about a month ago and already i'm back to a side parting and fringe, just until it grows long enough for my middle parting.
My favourite bow tie. I always get laughed at when I wear this, but as long as I feel comfortable in it, that's all that matters. I'd rather people stare. 
Look how short my hair is! This was from earlier in the year, on one of my 'lets get the camera out and play around' sessions.

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  1. Great pictures!! So jealous I want to meet Russel Brand, bloody love him!! X