Sunday, 2 September 2012

Let the Autumn leaves fall

 dress: River Island
shoes: Primark
bag: Primark
socks: Topshop
watch: Red Herring

Don't you hate it when only a couple of weeks after you buy something it ends up reduced. I just went on to search for the link to this dress, only to find it's £15 cheaper than what I paid less than 2 weeks ago - story of my life! It is safe to say it is my favourite dress at the moment though, I really love the shape and the fit. I'm one of these girls that is happy enough with my tiny chest as I think clothes hang better on small boobs. I couldn't see my more chesty friends managing to fit into this.

This was another night out outfit. I like it that much I wore it two Thursday's in a row. Don't worry not in the same club, or even the same town. It's the first day of Autumn today, and the wedding I photographed went well (I think!) so I'm a little happy Lindsey today. Enjoy your Sunday!
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  1. Such a chic dress! It's adorable with the black accents ♥

    Trendy Teal

  2. cute shoes. x