Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dressing for girls

H&M cami
H&M fur coat
Topshop Leigh jeans
Primark necklace
ebay boots

I'm sorry there's no links to most of these items, that'll be because they're nearly all sold out. I've been so uninspired by fashion lately, that I've been pulling together a lot of old stuff. Even then, I don't feel great, like I don't feel like I'm doing anything inspiring or taking any risks. I think a good old spring clean of my wardrobe is in order! Tell me you feel the same sometimes?!

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Things I've Been Loving #2

Lilac - My colour crush of the new season. I've got my eye on so many lilac pieces at the moment. This pretty skirt is from River Island and Rimmel's Mary Mary Quite Contrary nail polish is one of my favourites too. I'm kicking myself about not getting this New Look top when they had my size either!
Tray tables - Mum bought me these little tables for Christmas and they're my favourite little addition to my living room at the moment. The best part? They were only £9.99 each from Home Bargains.
Pink lips - They've been a favourite for a while, and the brighter the better. I've realised I'm definitely more of a pink lip kinda girl over a red lip. I find that red lips require a flawless face which my skin is most certainly not. 
Blue Crosley player - This little beauty is my favourite thing in a long time. At the minute it's propped up on one of my tray tables but I want to buy the Hemnes bedside table from IKEA for it, then I can prop all my records up underneath.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Sunday Post: A Little More About Me...

Red or White wine? White, but only when it's free.
City or Countryside? I'm a city girl through and through.
Cats or Dogs? Cats!
Sweet or Savoury? Sweet
Dresses or Jeans? Dresses
Heels or Flats? Heels
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift
Tea or Coffee? An ice cold cola will do me just fine
Divergent or Hunger Games? Hunger Games
Blogposts or Youtube videos? Youtube
Skincare or Makeup? Makeup
Night or Morning? Morning, that time before everyone else wakes is magical
Pizzas or Burgers? Burgers
Magazines or Books? Books
Facebook or Twitter? Instagram ;)
Summer or Winter? Summer
Digital or Film photos? Digital, there's so many possibilities.

What is your favourite...?
City? New York
Books? At the moment it's the A Song of Ice and Fire series
Movie? Atonement
TV Shows? Sex and the City - it's a girls right of passage
Perfume? Marc Jacobs Daisy
Nail Polish? Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Skincare item? Origins Night-a-Mins Moisturiser
Lipstick? MAC Chatterbox
Foundation? Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation
Food? Anything with cheese involved
Dessert? Waffles
Place to eat? At the moment Bella Italia
Alcoholic drink? Disaronno and Cranberry
Non Alcoholic Drink? Cola
Actor/Actress? Keira Knightley
Singer/Band? Lady Gaga

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I'm proud of many things, graduating from university was definitely one of them, especially after battling with wanting to drop out for so long. I'm proud of my job, and finding something that I leave the house loving every single day. I'm also proud of the skydive I did for Breast Cancer care two years ago, it was the most wonderful experience.

When you was young, what did you want to be when you grow up?
For years I wanted to be a midwife, then I drove past the hospital one day and realised I couldn't see myself working. I absolutely love Call the Midwife though and wish I could have been a midwife in the sixties.

What are some things that scare you?
The dark, I'm better now, strangely enough, that I live in my own house. I remember one time when I lived with Mum and Dad I woke in the night to someone standing over me and I was paralysed with fear. That house was just god awfully scary. I used to hate when it was just me there at weekends.

What was life like growing up and in high school?
My life was wonderful growing up, having five sisters and a brother always meant the house was busy. I can't be any more grateful to my Mum and Dad for all they have done for all of us. As for school, I was never fond of it. I'm a bit of a loner, still am, but I'm much more confident now than I was then. People always say school is the best years of your life, but I'm having a ball right now!

Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I'm very much an introvert and have always been. The thought of being centre of attention sounds awful, but I'm more confident than I used to be. I enjoy my own company quite a bit, maybe more than I should.

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Monday, 19 January 2015


Fashion Union skirt (similar here)
H&M jacket
H&M bag
H&M hat

I don't often wear beanie hats, mostly because as you can see, I look like a burglar. Another thing, my latest combination that I'm wearing to death seems to be a skirt and jumper. You're probably sick of it by now but I couldn't resist showing my pretty yellow jumper properly, it's just so bright and more importantly, warm.

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Sunday Post: Sunny Sunday

It's been my first week back at work properly since the whole Christmas and New Year shabang and I'm feeling quite ready to get back into things good and proper. It's been slow and steady week, and I've ticked hardly anything off my to do list (at work and at home - woops!). 

It was a beautifully sunny morning today. I sat on my windowsill reading in just my jumper and knickers. Boo spent the morning, and afternoon, snoozing on top of my Missguided parcel and we did not much else. They're my favourite day of the week Sundays and I always feel a little thankful when I check the rota and see I'm in on a Saturday instead. 

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Everyday makeup

I'm quite lazy when it comes to makeup. On days when I start work at 7am I tend to aim for a perfect base with just a few coats of mascara. This particular look is from a day off when I had a little longer to get ready but still didn't go all out.

I start with the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer, or polyfiller in a bottle. It's so god damn creamy and I find this, then the Revlon PhotoReady Illuminator sealed in with the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation make for the perfect base. I conceal under my eyes with the Revlon ColorStay concealer and then pat in the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. My base is finished with a sweep of the Revlon Powder blush in Racy Rose. I can never quite pack on the blush as well as when I get my makeup done by makeup artists, but I'm working on it.

I go in with the brows next and I'm currently using the MeMeMe Arch Angel. I use one end to tame and shape my brows and the other end to highlight just under my brow bone. I use my finger to rub in the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream eyeshadow in On and On Bronze and blend it out with my Real Techniques base shadow brush. A few coats of the Soap and Glory Thick & Fast mascara and I'm done. Not forgetting my beautiful Chatter Box lipstick from the MAC Amplified Creme range.

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Monday, 12 January 2015

I'm ready for you

Missguided coat
H&M bag (similar here)
H&M scarf
H&M boots

I'm definitely ready for sunshine and blue skies, I'll even settle for a bit of cloud as long as there's no rain and I don't have to worry about my hair sticking to my lips. A lazy Sunday trip to the cinema (we went to see Taken 3. Liam Neeson - need I say more) called for comfort dressing and what better than a little leather dress. I remember trying this on in Topshop in Gibraltar and being completely put off by the fact I was that hot and sticky I almost got stuck in it in the fitting room, now I'd shave my eyebrows off to not have to wear a thick coat and tights everyday.

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Sunday Post: I'm feeling 22

I must say I had a smashing birthday, and the best decision I made was booking the whole week off work. I've been out for family meals, ice skating, shopping in Birmingham and rounded the week off with cocktails and dancing last night. Back to work tomorrow.

I was spoilt rotten on my birthday, Mum and Dad bought me a ticket to see Olly Murs in April, Dan bought me an Olivia Burton watch and my sisters bought me a pandora ring. Not to mention all the money from family members that made a beeline for my savings account for my trip to New York later this year. I didn't take many photos (too busy having fun!).

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Primark necklace

Ah my pretty powder blue jumper. I bought this on a whim as an exchange for a skirt on an out of date receipt and I don't regret a thing. I've worn it so much over the last few weeks. In fact, same goes for the skirt. At first I couldn't quite come round to the white skirt, black tights combo, but I warmed to the idea when I realised I'd be very limited on the months I could wear it without tights considering I live in England.

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