Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Sunday Post: Sunny Sunday

It's been my first week back at work properly since the whole Christmas and New Year shabang and I'm feeling quite ready to get back into things good and proper. It's been slow and steady week, and I've ticked hardly anything off my to do list (at work and at home - woops!). 

It was a beautifully sunny morning today. I sat on my windowsill reading in just my jumper and knickers. Boo spent the morning, and afternoon, snoozing on top of my Missguided parcel and we did not much else. They're my favourite day of the week Sundays and I always feel a little thankful when I check the rota and see I'm in on a Saturday instead. 

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  1. your finger tattoo is dead cute!

    Aine Oh

  2. I love that yellow jumper... it's so gorgeous and you pull it off immaculately.

  3. Lovely photos, so nice to get a sunny Sunday for a change! :)

  4. I really want to get my hands on one of those Tom Ford lipsticks, such a shame they don't sell them here x

  5. Such beautiful pictures! Wish Paloma would photograph as well... black cats are not great for photography! Haha :) xx