Sunday, 23 December 2012

Week #51

 Title page for my first hand in // I'm tweeting, with the cutest background 
 Final prints for my second hand in // The perfect end to Gossip Girl 
 Cutest Christmas card from my nephews // End of semester treat 
 What I wore // The most important Christmas card from my favourite man 
 Cute Christmas packaging // Love my new tote bag, been dying for a black one for ages!

So it's Christmas eve eve and it's the end of week 51 of 2012. Where on earth has it gone? I'm thankfully not working tomorrow, so I'm going to spend it wrapping presents, baking shortbread with my sisters and paying a visit to church (has to be done this time of year). I'm such a festive person and I've been excited for Christmas since about... August, so I'm bouncing around with excitement!

Finishing my semester at university this week meant it was a quiet week on instagram whilst I did last minute cramming in my sketchbooks. Such an amazing feeling knowing I'd finished and I treated myself by getting my nails done and having a night out with my girls, which I will blog my outfit tomorrow.

Have a lovely Christmas and remember to make the most of it. The day comes and goes that quick that you blink and it's gone. God bless you all.

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  1. lovely photos, that tote bag looks gorgeous! I've just finished uni too, it feels wrong to relax aha :) have a lovely christmas! xo

  2. Lovely collection and I am so sad GG has ended but what a lovely way for it to finish :) got to love a happy ending!xx

  3. i love your blue sparkly nails!