Sunday, 9 December 2012

Week #49

 Always matching my underwear // Photographing my christmas post
 My new favourite drink combination // Fresh bedsheets by candle light 
 A pretty carousel in Birmingham // Masquerade mask for the Christmas party 
 Wednesday's casual outfit // Being all celebrity with no make up on
 All cosy and warm in my prettiest pyjamas // Feast for two 
 New tattoo // New headband obsession 
 Images ready for my first exhibition // This months Company is a good'un 
 Cheese and potato pie for one // Christmas party outfit 
 Love these two products // All this wine and champagne for 10 people! 
 Another headband in the collection // Military trend photo shoot location
Jewel trend photo shoot location

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  1. Nice!!! Love your round sunglasses! xxx

  2. Great post and awesome pictures!!!

    Happy Monday, my dear!


  3. Such lovely photos. I love amaretto with cranberry too it tastes like a cherry bake well yum xx

  4. Nice picture! :D