Monday, 17 December 2012

Site and Spatiality: City Traces

This post takes a bit of a different approach to my usual, but I wanted to share these with you and hopefully get some feedback. I took these for my Site and Spatiality: City Traces project. I don't get overly excited looking at these, or any of the photos from the project for that matter, it's just not the type of photography I'm interested in.

These represent the traces left by humans in their local area. I was surprised by how many trolleys I came across when I was actually looking for that sort of thing (some people are so lazy!) Everything is untouched by me, I simply went up to it and photographed it in the surroundings in which I found it.

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  1. I really like these, I know what you mean how it's not your usual photography though. I did photography as an A Level and one of my projects was practically the same thing and it bored me to death!
    However, I think these fit your project very well :) x