Monday, 17 December 2012

Week #50

 Our first joint Christmas card // Jamie's Italian in Birmingham 
 Monday afternoon cocktails // Birmingham's Rudolph 
 Barry M and Avon nails // Finally finished the tree  
 Two of my 50% off purchases // Online purchases 
 Prints from a day in the darkroom // My first exhibition 
 This scarf looks so lovely on // Treats at work

I'm taking 10 minutes out of my precious sketchbook making time to post this, and I mean precious, I have a deadline Tuesday and one on Thursday. I've concluded I work best under pressure though so straight after this i'm back to my glue stick and scissors. 

Aside from university work, it has been a pretty relaxed week. I went Christmas shopping in Birmingham with Daniel on Monday, where we paid Jamie's Italian a visit. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the B&W dark room, printing for my Site and Spatiality project. Needless to say I have fallen back in love with B&W photography. 

On Friday I went to university for the opening of my groups exhibition based on the idea of freedom and control. The three images I used can also be seen here.

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