Tuesday, 4 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Those of you who actually know me, know that Christmas is my all time favourite time of year. It gets to about August and I have to watch the Grinch to satisfy my craving for all things cold and twinkly. These are some of Christmas'y things to get up to over the festive season to get you in the mood, especially the more "Scroogey" species among us.

Visit a Winter Wonderland - I've seen many places this year advertising outdoor ice rinks. Hyde Park goes one step further and has a full on Winter Wonderland including a circus, observation wheel and ice sculptures. Somerset House and the Natural History Museum also have pop up rinks. 

Make Christmas cookies - What better way to wind down in the evening than baking some christmas cookies and decorating them with all the trimmings.

Create the perfect Christmas playlist - You either like Christmas songs or you don't. I personally love them and love being reunited with my favourites around this time of year. My current favourite is Coldplay - Christmas Lights.

Go Christmas shopping in a beautiful city - This year I'm going Christmas shopping in Birmingham. I hear you all shout 'Birmingham? Beautiful?' But this time of year it's so lovely to just soak up the atmosphere and the pretty decorations somewhere with a little more hustle and bustle than my little town.

Wrap up in a festive jumper and watch Christmas films - Once my projects have been handed in at university and all my Christmas shopping is done, the only thing left to do is sit down, watch as many films as the TV guide has to offer and countdown to the big man coming. My jumper in the photos is from Primark's menswear section, it is on loan from Daniel well over a month now!

Visit a Christmas market - The Frankfurt Christmas Market hits Birmingham every year and it has become tradition to visit. It is now the biggest in the country so it gets very busy, but it's so worth it to see all the cute wooden huts and handmade toys, along with traditional German food and drink.
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  1. I love making christmas mix playlists & baking cookies as well.

    ps. cute sweater


  2. you look lovely! And your sweater is so cutee, lindsey!

  3. You really do love Christmas! We don't really have a true Winter Wonderland or Christmas markets in Southern California, but they sure sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing this list, it helps to get into the spirit. Also, thank you for your kind comment. I'm your newest follower on GFC and bloglovin. In fact, I've shown lots of love on your wonderful bloglovin posts!



  4. Your Christmas goals are all so fun!
    Also, thank you so much for your sweet comment, it made my day! Let's keep in touch!

  5. Done, done, done, done, done & done!!!!!
    Love Christmas! super sweater girl! xxx


  6. I love christmas jumpers! Your goals look so great!
    Erica xo