Wednesday, 29 June 2016

24 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

I get so many people telling me they look forward to reading these posts every week. It's almost become a little overwhelming and I never quite know how to respond. I only ever started writing them because I was rubbish at writing in a baby book and I wanted to have something that I'd be able to look back on. I do feel the need to keep it as real as possible though, my friend Danielle warned me that pregnancy isn't glamorous and she wasn't wrong, but never did I think I'd be sharing my constipation with quite so many people.

Don't get me wrong, I am the most grateful person in the world that I'm pregnant, especially after miscarrying in January and knowing people who aren't fortunate enough to get pregnant, but it really is hard this whole pregnancy thing, I think some people underestimate just quite how much, emotionally and physically. 

So I just wanted to say, to everyone who reads this every week, thank you. Whether you genuinely are interested in our little journey from a couple with a wolf cub and a polar bear for pets into real life actual parents, or whether you're just being nosey you don't know how much it means. 

How far along?
24 weeks + 6 days. 15 weeks to go!

Total weight gain?
Still 10st 8lb. Normally I weigh myself when I get home from work but today I did it just after dinner. Not very accurate I know. 

Maternity clothes?
Nothing new. Still being driven mad by baggy legged jeans. I'm seriously contemplating living in dresses until October. I did buy a pretty white dress from work last week in a size 8, pretty happy about that. At least I know I'll be able to wear it next summer too, although I might have it taken up an inch or two then, everything sits slightly higher with my little bump.

Stretch marks?
Still just my boobs. Knowing my luck I'll get them after baby is born and my bellies shrinking back down.

Good, apart from the cramp that's been making an appearance of late. I woke up the other day swearing like a sailor, I don't think Kyle was quite prepared for that.

Best moment this week?
Saturday night when Kyle's sister Tanya felt the baby kick for the first time. She kept telling me to wake it up since she got to the caravan on Friday night but every time I thought we were on to something baby would stop. Then a few hours later his brother John felt it too. I thought John was gonna start crying.

Miss anything?
Nothing in particular.

I'm starting to get used to baby's routine now, it always goes a little wild between 5-6pm. It also has a good move around after I've eaten my dinner, I always wonder whether that's because there's not as much room there after I've eaten. I can't wait until my whole belly moves from side to side! 

Food cravings?
Still none.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
It's been another good week for my stomach. 

The Chinese gender calendar says it's a boy. At first I put my age in as 22 when we conceived and it said girl. Then I remembered I'm 23 and it came out saying boy.

Labour signs?

Just aches, today I ached all over and kept having dizzy spells where I'd go all faint, my arms go all weak and my heart starts to race. A few people said it sounds like anaemia. It got to lunch time and I just felt so defeated by how little I'd got done. 

Belly button in or out?
I think when you can feel your belly button through your top it means it's definitely become an outie. 

Foul. How I bite my tongue I don't know. I'm really glad I've not had to suffer any really rude customers at work because I probably would snap. My hormones are absolutely hellish, I can be in a foul mood or set to burst into tears. Today has been a bad one for me, I came home from work, took myself off to bed for an hour, maybe had a little cry for no reason whatsoever, dusted myself off and now I'm okay. Em text me as she does every Wednesday because it's now known as 'picture day' and she's chief photographer for this blog, but in all honesty all I wanted to do was put my pyjamas and chill out.

Looking forward to?
My check up with the midwife on Friday. It'll be the first time I meet her since I moved from Shrewsbury to Telford just after my 16 week appointment. I've got so many questions about hospital visits and antenatal classes, and I want to ask a few things about Strep B, especially now baby has got to be born on the consultant unit, does that rule out a water birth completely, and does it mean I have to stay in afterwards? 

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