Wednesday, 8 June 2016

21 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
21 weeks+6 days
Total weight gain?
10st 5lbs. Not too much of a drastic change!

Maternity clothes?
Nothing new, I'm getting bored of the same limited wardrobe. Sometimes all a girl wants is a pretty skirt.

Stretch marks?
Still just on my boobies. I picked up a bottle of Bio Oil today to try out for a change. FYI if you fancy getting some, I'm pretty sure Primark sells it cheapest.

The hot nights have made me and Kyle restless, but not so much that I'm shattered the next day.

Best moment this week?
Kyle feeling the baby kick on Saturday was by far a highlight. I only starting properly feeling it myself last Thursday so I wasn't expecting him to feel anything anytime soon. Baby gave him the biggest thump I've had so far, and it did make me all teary eyed.

Miss anything?
I miss having feet that don't hurt constantly. 

I felt what I knew for certain was baby movement for the first time last Thursday as soon as I sat in the chair to get my eyebrows done. I've been feeling it a lot more ever since, although it's a lot calmer on the days when I'm in work.
Food cravings?
Nothing. I've been eating pretty normal I'd say. I've had a few comments saying how small I am, but I personally think I'm all bump. I've made a conscious effort to cut down on junk food, and get as much exercise as I can (mostly just walking to and from work, but it's a lot more than I was doing).

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Just some smelly cat meat that had been sat in the sun too long had me feeling a bit queasy. 

There's a new girl at work who in the first conversation we had together she said she thinks it's a girl because I'm carrying all at the front. There's still not a single bone in my body that is bothered by what it is which I'm so glad about, I've read a few stories about gender disappointment, I didn't realise it was an actual thing!

Labour signs?

My belly is definitely at a point now where strangers can tell I'm pregnant. My favourite was the window cleaner who comes to work every Monday, we have a chit chat and mid sentence he went 'oh you're expecting, or you've had too many burgers this weekend'. Man's got balls, I wouldn't dare mention to it even when I serve ladies on the till who are blatantly pregnant buying maternity clothes. I also really struggle when I'm on my feet at work with a pain down below that makes my bum cheeks ache too, I really don't know what it is. 

Belly button in or out?
In. But it is definitely starting to pop out, it's feeling different to how it used to.

I'm feeling so restless at the moment. I've been making lists like nobodies business. Is it too early to start nesting because all I ever want to do is make the house our home without all the previous owners weird touches. I also think baby brain is setting in, my attention span is pretty much nil, especially at work, I'm starting to feel like more of a hindrance than a help. I also went food shopping last week and came back to find the house key sat in the front door, just where I left it...

Looking forward to?
I finally got my leaving date from work and my job is now being advertised which is a little bittersweet. I'm excited to finish so I can really concentrate on sorting baby things out and spending as much quality time with Kyle as I can before baby gets here, but I'm sad to leave my little team, especially Amy. I know how much she loves my updates on how glamorous pregnancy really is. This morning I declared that my 'vagina was going to explode'.

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