Thursday, 16 June 2016

22 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
22 weeks+6 days, although I'm posting a day later than usual so technically I'm 23 weeks today.

Total weight gain?
10st 6lb so only 1lb on last week. You know one thing that really bugs me though, being called 'fat', or anything along those lines. There's a big difference between being fat and being pregnant which I think some people seem to forget. 

Maternity clothes?
I put on a dress Friday night that I think is the last time I'll be wearing it. My wardrobe seems to be shrinking by the week.
Stretch marks?
Still just my boobies. I've started using Bio Oil twice a day, it's different to what I expected, not at all oily.

The heat this last week has been a struggle at night. Kyle suffers from hayfever too so sleeping with the window wide open can't always happen, not that it probably would have made a difference. I do find that in the day when I've started work late or it's been my day off I've nodded off on the sofa for half an hour. 

Best moment this week?
There was a Expectant Parent event at Mothercare on Monday evening where they talk about pushchairs, car seats nursery furniture. I really enjoyed it, and we've decided what nursery furniture we want, even though we're in no rush to buy it. You also get given a 10% off voucher so we're ordering our travel system on Friday which I'm super excited about!

Miss anything?
It seems selfish really, but just having more range of clothes to wear. I could go wild on maternity clothes on ASOS but I really can't justify it when I'd rather spend my money on baby things or things for the house.

I find that since Kyle had that big kick the other week it's really calmed down and a lot of what I feel is on the inside. I think baby had hiccups on Sunday night, I climbed into bed and I could feel little jumps every few seconds. Amy felt the baby kick today at work, I got really excited and skipped over to her in excitement. I really thought she was going to cry, that would have definitely set me off as well. It's such a special thing to share with people. I get little movements all day so for someone else to feel it and get excited about it is lovely. 
Food cravings?
No cravings, but a few days when I got home from work I could have eaten the entire contents of the fridge and carried on to the kitchen cupboards. I have had a real fancy for sweets these last few days.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
It's been a good week this week for my queasy stomach thank god!

We did the baking powder test the other day just for a bit of fun. I like the old wives tales, it passes the time and makes it more fun speculating what it could be. The baking powder test is apparently 86% accurate though which I don't know how much I believe that.
Labour signs?

Since Sunday I've been needing a wee a lot more than before and sometimes, i'm guessing when baby is lay on my bladder the sudden urge to wee is like no other. Oh and constipation. TMI I know but like I've said before I've always promised myself to keep it real on here. I had to just confirm with a few people what it was because never in my life have I had an issue like that before

Belly button in or out?
It's still in atm but I feel smaller this week than I did last week.

Feeling a little anxious and I'm not 100% sure why. Maybe it's normal as time goes on...

Looking forward to?
There's about 15+ people on my Facebook due babies this year and the first is due around about now. I'm only close to a couple of the people who are due but it's still so exciting seeing all the sweet little babies being born, between now and October.

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