Wednesday, 6 July 2016

25 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
25 weeks + 6 days. 
p.s excuse the photo again, my photographer is out celebrating two years with her boyfriend. Have fun Auntie Em and Uncle Tom!

Total weight gain?
Still 10st 8lb, although I feel like I'm getting bigger a lot quicker this last week or so. 

Maternity clothes?
Nothing new. I've been eyeing up this dress in store even though it's not maternity. I tried my sisters on which she bought in a size 12 and it looks so nice with my little bump, but I'm gonna try an 8 or a 10 because the 12 was still a bit too big.

Stretch marks?
Still just my boobs. I've had a funny mark on the very top of my thigh for weeks it almost looks like a green bite, turns out it's a varicose vein. Oh pregnancy you're so damn glamorous!

Still fairly good thank god.

Best moment this week?
On Sunday I went to watch the show that the dance school I used to go to put on every summer. I went in to the dance school a few weeks ago for the first time in years to watch the dress rehearsal and take photos for the programme. It was such a lovely feeling seeing my photos in the programme, I was so happy with how they turned out. The show was brilliant as always as well. I've got a feeling if this baby is a girl a lot of time will be spent waiting whilst she has ballet or tap lessons. I went there for 10 years and had so much fun, it will be lovely for her to have that too.

Miss anything?
I don't particularly miss anything but I can not wait to have a whole wardrobe of clothes to choose from again.

Baby's been so calm this week. I think it doesn't help that I really struggle to sit down and just chill. Most days even though I finish work at 4.30 I won't sit down until about 9 o'clock at night because I have to be doing something and obviously baby gets rocked to sleep by movement doesn't it.

Food cravings?
I tend to find tip top wrappers in my door in the car and in coat pockets though. I've left a box of them up the caravan too just because they're so damn tasty!

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Nothing this week thank god! 

At the moment I'm feeling like it's a boy, but for a good few weeks I thought it was a girl. I asked the midwife Friday what she thought from listening to the heart beat but she said she couldn't guess because it was sat right in the middle of the two. She did say she was really glad that we didn't know, she said the atmosphere is so much different when a couple know what they're having to when they don't know. I can't wait for that moment!

Labour signs?

Just these nasty hormones. I've been calm since since Monday but Saturday night I stormed over to one of our neighbours and started shouting through her kitchen window. Serves her right, she shouldn't let my kitty in her house. Kyle had to go round and play peace keeper before we headed to the caravan for the night. I grounded kitty and he got his revenge by pooing in the bath (luckily Mum found it when she went to feed him so she cleaned it up). I put a status on Facebook about my hormonal state and I think some people took it as moaning, which it wasn't. I've always been that chilled out that I can just laugh it off. It's just funny when I do get worked up because I've never suffered with PMT so being 'hormonal' is quite new to me. They were laughing at me at work on Saturday because I was like an absolute dragon.

Belly button in or out?
Out. Me and Amy had a quick examine of it yesterday in the middle of the shop floor haha. It looks so gross! 

Calmer than I was. I feel very much like a weight has been lifted. 
Looking forward to?
I can't wait for baby parcels to arrive. It's like bloody Christmas! I'm waiting for a playmat and moses basket and stand to be delivered. Our spare bedroom is starting to look like a warehouse with boxes but I refuse to unpack anything until at least September. I also got an email from Mamas and Papas today with a £15 gift card so I'm going to put that towards my changing bag.

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