Thursday, 21 July 2016

27 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
27 weeks + 6 days. We hit the third trimester tomorrow, wowzer!

Total weight gain?
10st 11lb so I've gained 3lb this last week. That puts my total at 1st 7lb. I googled my BMI and I because it's is normal, I should gain between 25lb to 35lb in total.

Maternity clothes?
My wardrobe is getting slimmer and slimmer every week. The new autumn catalogue has so many nice things in it, I'd like a bomber jacket in every colour and all the bags and boots as well.

Stretch marks?
I've got a few small stretch marks appear on the top of my thighs, but I've already got some there anyway so I'm not too bothered by them. Still none on my belly thank god but my app told me I've still got a quarter of my pregnancy weight to gain in this last trimester so I'm not holding my breath too much.

Considering the heat I've not been too interrupted. Tuesday night Kyle and I decided it would be cooler to sleep on the sofa so we left the patio door open, it was like being abroad. I've got a pregnancy pillow but I've still not  felt the need to use it yet.

Best moment this week?
My parcels all arrived! I'm so in love with our Moses basket, but I'm refusing to build things until I'm on maternity leave. Tanya, Kyle's sister came round on Saturday with lots of little baby treats, which was a lovely surprise. 

Miss anything?
Having normal non veiny legs/vagina.

Movements seem to get bigger and better every week. Sometimes when I'm walking home it feels like the bouncing of me walking is going to send it shooting out of my side. I had a bath thinking it would wake it up but I think it sent it to sleep. If that's the case we'll make bath time part of the bedtime routine every night.

Food cravings?
I've been eating a lot of cheese and crackers this week. I also struggle to go too long without a glass of cola. So place your bets, crackers suggest boy, cola suggests girl.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Nothing this week thank god. I've got so good at avoiding bad smells!

I'm still saying boy, Kyle's still saying girl. His friends Mum keeps giving him grief about lack of baby names but it's such a big decision and I seem to have a tendency to like 'different' names. We seem to like more of the same boys names than girls names.

Labour signs?
My Braxton Hicks have calmed down now, but not altogether stopped, in all fairness I don't think they will now. I think I had a head down baby for the first time the other day, just above my belly button was really hard with what felt like a teeny skinny foot.

Bloody varicose veins. I'm not happy about this. I'm only 23! The one I mentioned a few weeks ago at the top of my leg seems to have spread onto my ladies parts and oh my is it painful. I have had to resort to wearing Kyle's boxers because some of my underwear was cutting in my groin. I even made Mum inspect it, ha I bet she loves being our neighbour. I popped round and was just like "I need to show you something" and whipped my pants down. No shame, none at all. 

Belly button in or out?
Out. It looks a bit red today, I'm guessing where it rubs on my clothes.

Impatient, it still feels like we've got so long to wait! I'm starting to construct a list (I bloody love a list!) of all the things I want to get done on maternity leave before baby arrives.

Looking forward to?
Having next week of work. It's my last week off before I go off on maternity leave. Once I go back to work I've only got three weeks left. Roll on 20th August!

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