Monday, 4 August 2014

Holiday Lookbook // #2

Missguided dress
H&M kimono
Primark shoes
H&M jelly bag
Primark necklace
Primark sunglasses

I hate that I can't link anything in this post. It's such a pretty combination but everything was either bought in store or isn't online anyway. Sorry! I wish I'd taken something thicker than just a few kimonos. It did get chillier at night and I had to settle with Dan's hoody when we got back to our room. 

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  1. Gorgeous outfit, I especially love that bag!

  2. Lovely outfit, the kimono is gorgeous!

    Stacey xx

  3. Gorgeous Lindsey, I just adore your kimono x

  4. well, a nice hoodie is not a bad choice but I see why you regret not taking something happens to all of us that we forget things when we pack....anyhow, you look fantastic! this is such a great holiday look!

  5. Absolutely stunning, I love this outfit! x

  6. You look so good in these colours! The kimono is just beautiful!

    \ Indigo Lights