Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Sunday Post: Same Old

I feel like these Sunday posts are becoming just an overload of what I ate and what I bought. Sorry about that. I headed to Birmingham today for a Personal Beauty Shopper appointment with Rose from Mixed Gems, but typical scatty old me got the wrong time and ended up missing it. Needless to say I felt terrible! I managed to find Rose and rearrange but she wouldn't let me leave without a sample of her favourite cleansing balm - the RMK Cleansing Balm.

I lied. I didn't buy either of these bits. The lovely people from the Bullring Blogger event I went to last month gave me a voucher for a name necklace but nobody was there to laser cut it for me today so I decided on a charm necklace instead and the Marc Jacobs perfume was a 'sorry for abandoning you' present from Ma and Pa's holiday.

A trip to Birmingham would not be complete without a stop in Five Guys. Damn I've missed those fries!

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  1. cool! nice perfume!

  2. Five Guys just looks freakin' amazing, and your Tatty Devine necklace is stunning too x

  3. I'm really curious to try the Marc Jacobs perfum! Great photos, Lindsey!

    \ Indigo Lights

  4. Five Guys looks so good!! and a very nice necklace too, lovely post!

  5. Love these "Sunday Post" posts! I think they give us a little peek as to who you are. (:

    Also, I've always wondered what those Marc Jacobs' perfumes smelled like..the bottle is so cute!

    Lots of Love,