Wednesday, 16 May 2012

when the lumberjack met chaplin

shirt: primark
leggings: H&M
hat: topshop
watch: red herring
necklace: H&M
satchel: primark
I wish it was summer already! I swear this time last year my legs were building up a light golden brown tan. This year, pasty white. I’m even considering going on a sunbed, even though there are a lot of health implications. I just don’t trust myself with fake tan, and I hate how patchy it goes when it starts to fade. If anyone has any solutions to this, please share!
I haven’t wore my bowler hat since I had all my hair cut off over 18 months ago. I never thought it looked right with really short hair; it just seemed to stick out the bottom. So when I put my lumberjack shirt on this morning, I thought I’d showcase the hat all over again. I’m also still living in my flatforms, I can’t believe I didn’t invest in a pair sooner!