Saturday, 26 May 2012

sunshine yellow

dress: new look
shoes: primark
ring: primark
nails: H&M Taupe and Spark Me Up
I was a bit undecided when I tried this dress on in New Look, but at the time I just had to spend my money on something, and the good old ‘it’ll do for LA’ excuse seemed to nudge me in the direction of the cash desk. It’s been sat in my wardrobe a few weeks and I thought I’d pull it out for a trip to the cupcake shop considering the weather has been gorgeous all week. Usually I like my skirts shorter, but the floaty full skirt is actually quite flattering on a shorter bodied person like myself. The yellow is also great with a tan.
I’m currently getting ready for our Jubilee garden party later on. It’s all very red, white and blue, with bunting and Union Jacks. Enjoy your weekend and remember to sun cream your ears!

1 comment:

  1. This dress is such a lovely colour on you :-)I'm still going back and forth to the crochet waist dresses but I think this has amde my mind up ha
    Would love if you would follow my blog too? X