Sunday, 6 May 2012

week #18

Tuesday morning // prints i made at university // new leather jacket off ebay // cheeky nephew // meeting abi for dinner // Thursday night purchases // texts from my mamma // contact sheet of my identity photoshoot // me again // trying out my new bikini in the hot tub //fresh sheets!
Such poor blogging efforts this week! I’ve spent the majority of my week in the darkrooms at university printing photos. Finally getting there and this time next week I will be free for three months! So exciting, I feel drained at the moment, like I could sleep for a week. But it’s 7 weeks until LA and I cannot wait. Everything I buy lately is ‘for LA’, even though I want to take minimum amount of clothes with me so I can fill my suitcase with new ones whilst I’m there.


  1. I really like these photos!!
    Great post ^^
    Your blog is so cute. Loved it!


  2. lovely pics!