Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Pink Bomber

H&M shirt

My pink bomber, a firm new favourite after Willow was born and I could wear a bomber jacket without looking twice the size I actually am (turns out they don't look so good with an 8 month bump). That said, I get a lot of stick every time I wear it from all my family after X Factors finest, Honey G, was spotted wearing it in one of her clips a few weeks ago. Not cool.

It's looks nice with Willow's grey wheels though, only the best ride for this little baba. I want to do a review of my Stokke Crusi in a few months, when Willow has moved from the carrycot to the pushchair, that way I can talk about the whole travel system. It is most definitely my favourite purchase of the year by far.

Also this shirt, they don't sell it in H&M anymore, but god has it been my saviour this year. It's one of the few tops I had that weren't maternity but managed to fit me right up until the end of my pregnancy. I promised I ironed it, it's just that silly material that creases as soon as you look at it. 

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  1. That bomber jacket is gorgeous, I love the colour! x