Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Two Month Baby Willow update

She was last weighed at her 6 week check two weeks ago and was 10lb 4oz. I missed the clinic last week so I'm not sure what she is now but I might ask the nurse to weigh her tomorrow at her first jabs if they don't already do that.

We still don't have a routine. We've pretty much tackled bedtime but there's still no dead set time that I take her up. Now I'm ready to tackle daytime naps. Yesterday I put her upstairs and she slept for about 45 minutes on our bed, but some days she can only sleep for 45 minutes all day in 5 minute slots. If we go out in the car she can sleep the whole time we're out and stay asleep for another hour when we get home.

She was six weeks old when she first slept through from midnight to 7.30am. We got a baby monitor last week and since then she normally goes up between 8pm and 10pm. I'll give her a feed and pop her in her basket which she will normally wake again. I'll leave her ten minutes maximum to try and settle herself and if not I go back up and feed her again. Normally that does it and she'll sleep through until about 5.30am have a feed and go back down until about 8.30/9ish.

I'm still breastfeeding, and thankfully we've had no problems so far. I did start expressing and she's had about three bottles now. I need to try and get into a routine of expressing a bottle first thing in the morning whilst she's still asleep because now that she sleeps longer at night I wake up and my boobs are rock hard. She's still not had a dummy. It came close a few weeks ago when every night at 9pm she'd have a meltdown for anywhere up to two hours. We'd take it in turns to try and comfort her until she'd finally accept the boob and that would calm her down and settle her. She's grown out of it now thank god, and Kyle's Mum and sister always say how well we've done not giving her a dummy.
All her clothes at the moment are 0-3. Some of her sleepsuits are a bit flappy at the feet and I put her in tights the other day and ended up changing her outfit, she's got such little short legs (I wander where she gets that from). She's got a big head though, her little Santa hat is 0-3 and it's tight on her head bless her.

Her head just keeps getting stronger and for the last couple of weeks she's really been finding her voice. She's probably not far away from giggling either and I guarantee that it'll be Kyle who makes it happen first, she's such a Daddy's girl!

I still never know what to say when people ask me how I am. A few weeks after Willow was born my SPD flared back up and it still hurts now from time to time, I think I'm just that used to it now that I don't notice it as much. Other than that I feel good, just finding my feet juggling a baby, housework, sleep and everything else inbetween.

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