Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Willow's 1st Christmas

Needless to say Christmas 2016 has been magical. Willow's 1st Christmas has been filled with endless Christmas films and me dressing her in all the Christmassy outfits without a single complaint from her. There was a lot of talk of next Christmas when she's a little more aware of what it means and trotting round causing mischief, god I can't wait! Although I do hate to wish our lives away.

We've had Christmas jumpers, a Christmas party at Nanny and Grandad's next door. We've celebrated Auntie Tanya's birthday and Auntie Em's eighteenth. We went to Birmingham to visit my Nanny at the crematorium, where she made it quite clear she was hungry and ended up having lunch on a bench surrounded by plaques of all the deceased. We've queued over an hour for chips at Blists Hill, about 50 minutes for a photo by the Coca Cola Christmas Truck and half an hour to see Santa. But it's been worth it (maybe not the chips, I won't make that mistake again). 

Oh baby girl, you've made my life so much sweeter. I hope you've enjoyed your first Christmas.

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  1. Willow is absolutely beautiful. Those Christmas PJs are the best thing ever! It sounds like your first Christmas as a family was magical.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

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