Saturday, 7 January 2017

Three Month Little Willow Update

It seems so long since I wrote about Willow's two month update but at the same time December just flew by! I hate to be 'that person' that goes on about how fast their baby is growing but it honestly is such a bittersweet thing. I love every new stage but at the same time that newborn stage was gone in the blink of an eye. 

I took her to the clinic to be weighed just before Christmas and she was 11lb 14oz. It always seems so long in between, I won't get her weighed again until 24th January and I bet you she'll be nearly 13lbs.

We've still not tackled day time naps, but I don't mind so much. Don't get me wrong an hour in the day would be absolutely wonderful though to get something done around the house. I find if we get back from being out in the car and she doesn't wake straight away I end up running round the house like a headless chicken throwing washing in the machine and tidying where I can.

I really don't want to jinx us but oh my goodness she is SO good at bedtime! I take her up anywhere between 7.30 and 8.30 feed her and pop her in her basket, more often than not she'll have a little moan but within ten minutes she's settled then for the night. She'll sleep then until around 7.30/8ish. It's not very often now that she wakes for her 5am feed, although the last few days she's started waking for a feed at about 6, but I think that's just because we're reaching the 3 month growth spurt.

I'm still exclusively breastfeeding. I'm so glad we've managed so long without any hiccups like mastitis and latching problems. I expressed a few bottles for Kyle when I went to my Christmas party and she reluctantly took it but she's not keen at all. I've luckily never had any problems in public either, it's funny how normal it becomes to just whip your boob out in the middle of a restaurant. 

She's still in 0-3 months. Some of her baby grows are on their last wears, but her clothes are still okay on her. She's still got little short legs for tights, but she's wore them a few times. She's my dainty little dot bless her.

If you push her over onto her belly, sometimes she'll roll back over onto her back, but not all the time. I lift her up into a sitting position with her just holding onto my fingers and her head is pretty much steady. I love her little face when she's sitting, she looks so inquisitive and proud of herself. I loved it on my birthday whilst Kyle was running her a bath, I had her sat up on the bed just in her nappy, her little belly was all squashed and I could have cried how cute she looked.

She laughed the other day for the first time, my eyes were pretty much taped shut whilst I was having my eyelashes done and Kyle was playing with her on her playmat and there was definitely a little giggle, my heart burst. It's not happened since though, I doubt it will be long.

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