Thursday, 19 January 2017

New thoughts for a New Year

We're nearly three weeks into our new year now and although today felt like every other Thursday in 2016, it's a nice thought to refresh ourselves and make some changes. Don't get me wrong, I guarantee I won't stick to these all year. I failed at the first one already having not put up a blog post last week, but the thought is there to work towards.
01. Keep on blogging. I'm aiming for at least one blog post a week and anything else is a bonus. I enjoyed my weekly bump updates so much last year, and I honestly never imagined so many people would read them which was such a lovely boost. I do feel like blogs are a bit old school now and everyone has moved over to Youtube, we did film a vlog back in November and I really enjoyed it, so watch this space. I'd love to have that to look back on when Willow is older.

02. Take more photos on my camera, especially now Willow is around. My aim is at least 45 photos a month because that way I can get them printed for free using the Free Prints app on my phone.

03. Go on a date night at least once a month. We took our first trip out without Willow in December. We didn't go far, just to the Christmas market about a ten minute walk from home. She was fine, albeit a little weird being without her, but lovely to spend some time just with Kyle. I think it's so important Kyle and I get even just a few hours to ourselves every now and then.

04. Get organised. This is in regards to a few aspects of my life. I want to be better at birthday cards and presents, I'm normally so last minute and I always feel terrible. I'm also going to keep on top of housework. I strongly believe in the saying 'tidy house, tidy mind' and with Kyle, Willow, a dog and a cat there's always something to be done. 

05. Look after myself. I want to start getting early nights, midnight at the very latest. I also used to be so much more active up until I finished work in August and I want to get back to moving more. Also just little things like a face mask and painting my nails make such a difference. If I look after myself, I'll be able to provide the best for my little family.
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  1. Love these thoughts. I'd love to do a blog post a week too. I always end up with dry patches on my blog so that seems like a good aim! I agree with no.5 too, 2017 is all about self-love!xx

    Lucy x |

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