Sunday, 6 November 2016

One Month Post-partum

The health visitor came round on Tuesday and Willow was a little chunky 8lb 14oz. We hadn't had her weighed for two weeks because we planned on going to Wales earlier than we did so I was shocked when she'd jumped from 7lb 11oz to 8lb 14oz. I'm not sure what she measures, and right now she's asleep so I'm not whipping the ruler out to measure her.

There is no routine at the moment. In the first few weeks I completely allowed myself to spend most of my days sat on the sofa with her asleep on me. I would sit for hours just watching her. How could I not? People love to remind me how fast she changes so I refused to feel guilty or feel like I was spoiling her.

I think it's hard when breastfeeding to establish a routine, especially since I'm just feeding on demand. For a start I never know how much she's had to drink, all I have to go off is how long she's at my breast feeding for. In all honesty though me and Kyle are that chilled out routine is hard to come by. 

They say when she sleeps I should sleep, but when she sleeps I tend to sneak off and do some housework, or in the morning if she's napping I'll have a shower. It took all my will power after a few weeks to start putting her down when she fell asleep on me during her feed. In the day she just sleeps whenever, although her longest nap tends to be late afternoon.

During the night she normally wakes around 2.00am, then again around 5.00am, then from around 6.30am onwards she'll go back down but only for about 30 minutes at a time until we actually decide to get up which tends to be around 9.00am. She is really good in the night, she wants her milkshake then goes back to sleep. I luckily don't have to spend ages settling her.
I always had intentions of breastfeeding, and luckily she has taken to it really well. At the minute she is solely breastfeeding, a teat hasn't been near her mouth, which I think it is recommended that they don't have a bottle or dummy in the first four weeks anyway to establish a proper attachment. A lot of people ask me if she has a dummy, I always tell them she's too pretty to have a dummy covering half her face, and I don't think she's that hard to settle anyway. I was always adamant she wouldn't have one so I didn't even bother buying any.

She's at that inbetween stage where her little toes are all curled up in her first size baby grows, but her 0-3 months look like little penguin flippers on her feet. It doesn't help that she's got a long body and short little legs. She's got so many little 0-3 outfits that just look so big, but I only like to put her in babygrows at the moment. She's not worn any proper clothes yet, I figured she spends most of her days asleep and she's not going to be newborn forever so for I'd rather her be comfortable than fussing with things like waistbands and tights.
I was surprised that little over a week old her she was holding her head up and throwing it around, she can be a right little head banger when she's got one on her. For the past week we've been getting smiles from little miss. Everytime she cracks one my heart just breaks.

A lot of people ask me how I feel and I never know what to say other than "yeah fine". I had to have stitches but they really weren't as bad as I expected, people made out like I'd have to be pouring jugs of water between my legs when I peed but it didn't sting at all. I was having to take painkillers for about 3 weeks but since Halloween weekend I've been okay.

I think I fit back into my jeans after about 10 days. There was a few days when there was no chance I could wear my maternity trousers without them falling down but I still wasn't ready for my Jamie jeans. I fit back into all my tops, it's just trousers and skirts I'm struggling with at the moment. I'm back down to 9st 7lbs so I'm about 3lbs off what I weighed in January. I definitely need to get walking more and that 3lb will be gone straight away, then I can start exercising more just to tone up my loose skin on my tummy. I'm holding out for my six week check just to be sure though. 

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