Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Miami Photo Diary

It's been a year today since I headed off on my American adventure so I thought it was about time I actually shared some of my snaps - it's been a long time coming! I spent five days in Miami before heading to New York and I stayed in the Freehand Hostel, partly due to recommendation from a girl I used to work with (shoutout to Steph!)

New York still owns my heart but I love Miami so much. The Art Deco buildings are such a unique attribute of the city and I'm so glad I've been to see them for myself. If you visit the city then Ocean Drive is a must visit, in the day and at night when it's all lit up. I don't want to chat on forever but I'd highly recommend the Miami Beach Botanical Garden which is right opposite the Miami Beach Convention Centre, then right around the corner is the Holocaust Memorial (the images of the giant hand). The Memorial is kind of surreal, it's right on a main road but you wouldn't believe how quiet it is, and the amount of lizards I saw around here that were the size of small alligators was crazy.

On my last full day I booked a 24 hour hop-on, hop-off Big Bus Tour ticket. There are three different bus routes and I wanted to make sure I did all three before they finished so I didn't do any hopping on or off, but I'm telling you now, I learnt so much about Miami on those three buses!

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