Wednesday, 28 September 2016

37 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
37 weeks + 6 days. The excitement for baby to come now is unreal. I just hope I don't go over.

Total weight gain?
11st 5lb. I would have put money on me losing a little weight this week. I said to Kyle on Saturday that my bump looked smaller. It's about normal at this stage to lose a couple of pounds apparently.

Maternity Clothes?
I saw a picture of a girl on Instagram from when she was heavily pregnant to now and she was wearing a sports bra. I decided to dig mine out not thinking they'd fit but they've been so comfy!

Stretch marks?
I've got a few around my belly button, I think when baby dropped it changed the game and my poor skin just couldn't handle it. 

I normally get up twice in the night to pee, but now the bedside light has to go on, which Kyle isn't too impressed about. I did warn him that I don't like scary films when him and his mate put the Conjuring 2 on last week. There's no chance I'm having that lady jump out on me from one of the bedrooms whilst I'm innocently going for my 3am toilet trip!

Best moment this week?
My sister Alice was disgusted with how dirty my car was last week and she text me on Saturday asking if I was going out in it at all. She came round and we spent about three hours cleaning it inside and out. It sounds silly but it was so nice to spend a few hours with her, we're all grown up now and don't see each other maybe as much as we should, there's just so many of us!

Miss anything?
I'm excited to get back in my old wardrobe now. If I'm not leaving the house I don't tend to even bother getting dressed. That sounds so gross but I spend my days cleaning and I have two pairs of trousers that fit me, about ten tops and two dresses. I've started to wash all my pre pregnancy clothes in with whatever colour wash I'm doing just so I'm not trying wash loads of clothes when I come out of hospital (there'll already be loads of teeny socks and sleepsuits to get washed as it is). 

A lot of my movement now is along my left side of my button. I guess baby is squashed now. A foot in the ribs doesn't really happen now - thank god!

Food cravings?

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Not this week.

Whatever gender baby is, it's still not got a name.

Labour signs?
From the moment I got up on Saturday I was in so much pain. One of Mum's Avon customers who was a midwife said to keep moving as much as I can from now on - gravity and all that! I genuinely thought I was going to go into labour. My back was falling apart and I kept getting period like pains really low down. When we popped to Kyle's friends house in the afternoon I couldn't sit down, I had to stand up swaying and every time I sat down it felt like I was pushing things up. Sunday was pretty much the same not as bad and by Monday I felt fine again.

Still just the same, swollen feet, rock solid belly, bit of a waddle. I'm really attractive right now. Oh and I dunno if it's more common this late in the game but baby gets hiccups soooo much lately! Big vicious ones that I can feel down in my bum. 

Belly button in or out?
Out. One thing I do keep wondering is why it's brown? I know it's not just mine because I've seen it on advertisements, it's just weird how when it pops out it's brown.

Maybe a little apprehensive. Not because I'm scared about labour but I'm just not sure what to expect early on. It's all well and good googling 'how to know you're in labour' but it's still hard knowing what you're meant to be looking out for.

Looking forward to?
Meeting baby, finding out whether it's going to be a cheeky little boy or a sweet little girl. Finally giving it a name, it won't just be 'baby' anymore. 

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