Thursday, 22 September 2016

36 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

How far along?
36 weeks + 6 days. I'm officially full term tomorrow, how absolutely crazy is that!

Total weight gain?
11st 7lb. That's just over 2st on my pre pregnancy weight and I can definitely feel the extra weight I'm carrying around now. The midwife was shocked on Friday that there's no fat on me, it's all just baby. Then when she measured me it had gone from 35 (cm I guess) to 39 within a week. She asked me if I felt like I'd had a growth spurt, which a few days before Kyle had said I looked bigger. That's when she ended up sending me for the glucose test to see if it was gestational diabetes. I get my results tomorrow!

Stretch marks?
I've actually developed a few on my belly this week! They're really low down, just above my pants line and at the moment they're still quite faint. It's so hard to tell what's what, especially when I've had my support band on. I'm nearly through another bottle of Bio Oil but I'm going to pick up another for my hospital bag just to aid my recovery afterwards.

Oh god, horrendous! I'm finding my right side more comfortable than my left at the moment with a pillow wedged in between my legs. As soon as I wake up though I'm pretty much out of bed, my hips and back can't handle just lying there.

Best moment this week?
By far my baby shower! I knew something was being arranged by the girls at work but I didn't know what and on Friday night Mum, me and a car full of sisters headed off to Amy's house, it wasn't until Mum turned up her road that I realised where we was going! She'd decorated perfect, exactly how I'd imagine my baby shower to be and it was so lovely to have all the special people in my life in one place. Thanks again Amz! 

Miss anything?
I'm just missing feeling normal, being able to get in and out of the car relatively quickly, shaving my legs, painting my toes. I just can't wait to have our little baby in my arms now. 

Still lots of limbs wiggling around, my belly is rock solid what seems like all the time now.  

Food cravings?
Nothing. I've taken quite a liking to jelly but nothing I couldn't live without.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Nothing this week.

I had a dream the other night again that it was girl. The lady who did my glucose test was so excited that we didn't know. It tends to be the same reaction from all medical staff when they ask what we're having. I guess not many people don't find out these days.

Labour signs?
Sunday I had some strange feelings down below but they passed eventually and as I type this now I'm getting funny sharp pains every now and then. I'm hoping that's a head moving down and pressing on my bladder or something. 

Just the usual nine month pregnant issues. Heartburns not been so bad, but I get very tired these days so a nap in the day is a must. My feet are swollen more often than they're not so I've been living in the same pair of sandals for the last month.

Belly button in or out?
Out. In all fairness it looks more like a bum hole right now...

Excited! Everyone told me the last few weeks go really slow but at the moment I feel like there's not enough hours in the day. Granted we did have a lazy day on the sofa on Monday watching Tarzan and Zootopia but the weekend with Kyle's family really tired me out (and we just wanted to spend the day in our new living room).

Looking forward to?
Meeting our little baby for the first time. And finishing my hospital bag. Baby's bag is all packed but I've got a few last bits to put in mine. 

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